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Dr Sanchita Pugazhendi

Principal Community Projects; Nursing Research, Community P... View Profile

Ms Sanjenbam Emon Chanu

Head of the Department Child Health... View Profile

Dr Kamli Prakash

Professor Palliative Care Nursing; Critical Care Nursing; Cl... View Profile

Dr Rajkumari Sylvia Devi

Associate Professor Neonatal nursing, child care, research, and educat... View Profile

Mrs Upma George

Associate Professor Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor Critical Care & Cardiology Nursing, Simulation Bas... View Profile

Dr Grace Madonna Singh

Associate Professor Sleep; Child Psychiatry: Neuropsychiatry; Research... View Profile

Dr Harleen Kaur

Associate Professor Renal Nursing, Clinical Research, Basic and Advanc... View Profile

Dr Kanchan Bala

Assistant Professor Infection Control... View Profile

Mrs Priya Jp Narayan

Assistant Professor Coronary Care; Cardiology; Cardiac Surgeries... View Profile

Mrs J Manoranjini

Assistant Professor Neuropsychiatry; Research and Administration... View Profile

Mrs Laxmi Kumar

Assistant Professor Obstetric & Gynecological nursing... View Profile

Mrs Reena habil singh

Assistant Professor Master in nursing , obstetrics and gynecology... View Profile

Ms Preeti Prabha

Assistant Professor Master in Medical Surgical Nursing , Super special... View Profile

Ms Shobha Masih

Assistant Professor Conduction of workshop; Seminar; Teaching techniqu... View Profile

Mr Atul Kumar

Assistant Professor Research in Community Area; Academic Workout... View Profile

Mrs Neelam Thapa

Faculty ... View Profile

Mrs Rajeshwari C

Faculty Trained in nursing... View Profile

Mr John Davidson

Faculty Working in Community Area... View Profile

Mr Chandan Kumar

Faculty Teaching about preventive and social medicine & s... View Profile

Mrs Geeta Singh

Faculty Nursing... View Profile

Mrs Sandhya Negi

Faculty Nursing... View Profile

Mr Krishan Mohan

Faculty Psychology Mental Health Nursing ... View Profile

Mrs Sonia Rawat

Faculty Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing... View Profile

Mrs Suman Lata

Faculty Basic Nursing Demonstrations; Medical Surgical Nur... View Profile

Ms Amrita Swaroop Shekhar

Faculty Critical Care Nursing; Nursing Basic and Advanced ... View Profile

Shree Pooja Rawat

Tutor I working here from 2013 I expertise as a nursing ... View Profile

Mr John Davidson

Faculty ... View Profile

Mr Jayant Abhishek Gideon

Faculty ... View Profile

Mrs Rajni Rana

Faculty Medical surgical nursing, Critical care nursing ... View Profile

Ms Rashmi Bharadwaj

Faculty Oncology Paediatrics... View Profile

Mrs Shama Praveen

Faculty I am a nursing Faculty. i have done my MSc. in Obs... View Profile